About Me

Hi! I’m Sherrie . . .

I’m a full-time psychotherapist and a part-time Sipologist with Steeped Tea.
As a psychotherapist, I get to help people make changes to enjoy their lives more. As a Sipologist, I get to help people find great tea to enjoy their lives more. (And some of them decide to join me and start a fun, profitable business!) 
I’ve loved tea since I was in the 7th grade and discovered the atrocity known as Russian Tea (Tang and instant tea with some spices). I drank it while reading “The Lord of the Rings” and thought it was the most exotic thing ever!
I didn’t discover loose tea until I was in my 20’s. It was on a business trip to the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and their shopping district had a wonderful tea shop full of loose teas, tins, and goodies. I loaded up everything I could fit into my suitcase for the return flight home to Dallas.
Before the internet, it was hard to find quality loose teas, even in as big a city as Dallas. There was a loose tea shop for a while, but it closed. I was lost in a sea of tea bags again.

My next experience with loose tea came on a trip to Stockholm with my husband. Again, a cool shopping district. Again, a cool tea shop. By this time I was collecting tins and I was actually drawn into the shop by some of the tins in the window. Of course I chose a couple and the shopkeeper convinced me I should take home some tea in them. She introduced me to Earl Grey Creme. Oh my! There was also a fruity specialty tea name after a Swedish river (I can’t remember the name).

When I ran out of that tea, I made an international call to try to convince the shop to ship tea to me, and they refused! Too much trouble to take it to the post, they said. Yikes.

Fast forward to 2019. Me – looking for a fun and profitable business to supplement my retirement in 4 years (yay!). As a psychotherapist, I talk to people all day long about their problems. I love my job, but when I was looking for a business I wanted something fun. With an undergrad degree in Finance and Banking I also had some criteria for profit potential. Something consumable. Something with steady demand in a market not overcrowded with direct sellers.

TEA! Perfect! And I became a Steeped Tea Consultant.

If you love tea and you want to buy tea or sell tea, click on one of the buttons above or send me a message and I’ll be glad to help you.

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