Hi! I'm Sherrie


I love cats, coffee, dark chocolate, reading, and knitting! My favorite place is big porch swing, preferably on the back porch of a mountain cabin. I’m a low maintenance kind of girl – you’ll seldom see me in makeup. (In fact, the last time I had a professional headshot done I had to buy a whole “face”.) My ideal outfit is jeans and a big, sloppy t-shirt. 

And my hair? Oh, God, my hair. It’s been long, it’s been short, and no matter what length it has been I’ve mostly hated it my whole life. It has just enough curl not to be straight, but not enough to be curly. If I don’t do anything with it the best comparison I can make is a mop.

I’ve always liked to put it up and get it out of my way, but when it gets even shoulder length and I put it in a bun with a claw clip it gives me a headache. So then I cut it short again and deal with things that stick out in all the wrong places.  It was like an elevator – up and down, up and down. 

Until I found the Lilla Rose hairclips. Now I can put it up and I don’t even feel like there’s anything in my hair. All day – no headache. Plus, claw clips aren’t exactly my idea of pretty. Lilla Rose clips are full of personality, just like me!

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