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Mindset Matters – Why You Can’t Change Yours

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I encounter, you’ve been working on your mindset for a while now. And something is missing. You know something is missing because you’ve worked hard, but you haven’t gotten where you want to be yet.

You’re doing all the things:

  • saying your affirmations in the morning
  • writing your gratitudes in the evening
  • smiling at everyone you see and even buying coffee for the car behind you once a week
  • friending and commenting and posting and . . . and . . . and . . .

And it ISN’T working.

You’re not generic!

There are a lot of reasons why the “standard” mindset instructions don’t work, but the main reason is – they are generic. The affirmations are generic. The gratitudes are generic. The actions are generic.

But you aren’t generic. You are unique and your stumbling blocks and self-sabotage strategies are unique.

AND you’re so familiar with them that you don’t even see them. But unless we wire-tapped your brain, you are also the ONLY one who can notice them, root them out, and change them.

The Missing Skill

What you haven’t been taught is the basic skill of noticing your thoughts IN THE MOMENT. Most mindset worksheets will have you write a list of your negative thoughts. The problem is that you will think of GENERIC negative thoughts, not your specific flavor. And negative thoughts aren’t the only ones that get us in trouble. I prefer to think of thoughts as useful or unuseful rather than positive or negative.

If you’re spending half your paycheck on the lottery every week, thinking “this is gonna be the winner”, that’s a positive thought! But it isn’t useful unless you can easily afford to spend half your paycheck on the lottery every week, and let’s face it , if you could afford it you wouldn’t be doing it, right?

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